About Campus Pizza

Tony “Pop” Caiazzo was born in Naples Italy, the city that invented pizza, some *** years ago. Like many Italian men, Pop knew and loved three things: how to tailor a good suit, how to love a good woman, and how to make one good pizza. After starting his career as a tailor in Italy, Pop took a gamble and sought a better life in America. Arriving in New York on July 4th in 1964, Pop continued working as a tailor as he was trained in Italy in order to make ends meet. The times were tough, though, and Pop began to notice tailoring was a dying trade. Later that year, Pop brought his beautiful bride Anna over, and it was then he knew he needed to find a better way to provide for his family. Pop decided to fall back on the only other thing he knew how to do – pizza.

Working in numerous pizzerias in the NYC area, Pop finally saved up enough money to open his own establishment in the city. After a few years, and a handful of pizzerias in all the five boroughs, Pop was doing pretty well for himself. It wasn’t until one fateful night at a late night game of poker however, that Pop got the break he needed to really establish himself as a pizza king. A friend at the poker game told Pop about a little valley in Pennsylvania that, sadly, had a lack of good pizzerias. Pop, never afraid of a little risk, knew what he had to do. He packed up his belongings and told his wife Anna to grab the kids (who numbered 4 by now), and the whole family moved down to Lehigh Valley following a hunch that a pizza empire could be established in a little town called Bethlehem, PA.

And that’s how it all began. Pop opened Campus Pizza, his first business in the Bethlehem on its Southside at the foothills of Lehigh University in 1979. Since then, Pop has been able to sit back and watch his family – as well as his businesses – grow and prosper.

Along with Anna Bella’s Ristorante, the Caiazzo family has been bringing delicious Italian food to people of the Lehigh Valley for decades now. Although opening other successful restaurants in the area with his family, Pop still, to this day, keeps Campus Pizza as his home base, run by his boys Angelo, Ralph, and Joseph and his beautiful wife, Anna, and daughter, Carmella. Together, the tight knit family has made the Caiazzo name a permanent fixture in Bethlehem and Campus Pizza an iconic part of its Southside.

So if you’re ever in Bethlehem, PA and feel like a slice of pizza, a good slice of pizza, a slice of pizza with 30 years of history behind it, stop on by Campus. And when you do, look for the lil’ gray-haired Italian man with the largest personality in the room. That’ll be Pop – and he’ll make sure you get a good slice!

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